Comfort Flowers

Kevin Felker

Founder & Owner

I grew up in the '60s and '70s in Freeport, Maine. Back then it was just a small mill town that made shoes. Both my parents were WWII veterans, both DAV, my father a Purple Heart recipient. I have an older brother who is retired Navy and I myself spent 5 years in the Navy.

I've been involved with cannabis in one form or another since the '70s. I've grown most my life outdoors. I have grown inside for the last three years, honing my craft to create a solid and meaningful product and service.

Shop History

I started growing indoors for my son three years ago out of need, so he could afford his medicine. I have experimented with more than 30 strains in those three years, finding what works best for my clients.

I have renovated my shop twice in the past to improve quality, and now I am on the third renovation and final step to produce the best quality medicine I possibly can, while still holding costs down to pass savings on to my customers.

Grow Style

I grow strictly from seeds to soil to harvest. This is done for 2 reasons:

A. A plant that comes from a seed has the genetic makeup to grow a tap root. Tap root is the main root in your plant it seeks nourishment for the plants life (water/food). A clone does not have a tap root it roots are born from a limb of the plant so even though it will grow many roots it has no beginning root such as a tap root to seek out nourishment. In short, a tap root will seek water a clone does not. Tap roots are critical for an outdoor grow.

B. It works, plan and simple.

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