Common sense design
to save you time and money

The UltraTrimmer is the only trimmer of its kind.

For years, growers only had 2 choices: settle for trimmers that damage the bud, or pay multiple people to trim until their hands cramp up.

Those days are gone.

Cut your trimming time dramatically! Buy the best dry bud trimming machine on the market – The Ultra Trimmer! Check out the videos to see it in action.

Comfort Flowers is a proud Ultra Trimmer user and dealer. Contact us today for more info.

Why choose The UltraTrimmer?

These days it seems many growers are harvesting year round. You need an efficient solution that does not destroy your product.

The UltraTrimmer engineers (who are also growers) examined other trimming devices and methods on the market. After extensive research of several devices and their final products, they learned that most devices beat up the bud and destroy the trichomes.

Tumbling the bud in round cylindrical devices (even for a MINUTE) destroys trichomes. The UltraTrimmer will process as much bud as the competition if not more, without destroying trichomes — FOR A FRACTION OF THE COST.

Scissors are the only way to trim dry bud without destroying trichomes – but it is very time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Enter the UltraTrimmer, true mechanical scissors for trimming bud — a set of scissors on steroids, if you will.

UltraTrimmer cuts both ways and doesn't stop until you're done. With its slow moving parts it simply snips the bud at 232 snips per stroke.

The UltraTrimmer Industrial can trim 10 pounds per hour, the Original (Collective) 1.5 to 2 pounds per hour, both saving you time and money without destroying trichomes.

We suggest only trimming your bud once dried and cured, as the UltraTrimmer is designed on the same mechanical principle as scissors. Any bud that can be trimmed with scissors can be trimmed with the UltraTrimmer in a fraction of the time.

The UltraTrimmer is the ULTIMATE trimming machine available on the market today! Hire Comfort Flowers and save time and money on rental machines.

Or buy the UltraTrimmer direct from Comfort Flowers and save hundreds. Don't pay the manufacturer's retail price!

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